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punching windows out of cars, domestic violence, assaulting a parking attendant. He charge the players a few hundred bucks and let them pay over time. Neuheisel got in touch with Barbara Hedges, the university athletic director, to see what she wanted to do. It was addressed to Maryann Parker, the lead detective, who had been investigating the case for seven weeks. The fax came from Hunsinger office. We representing Jerramy Stevens, the message said. Please call us immediately. on June 4, a UW student called 911 to report a possible rape in progress. About the same time, Jerramy Stevens emerged from his room. He lived with several teammates in a house north of campus. He pulled a pair of women underpants out of his jeans pocket and, according to a police report, told a roommate, what I have. said he had sex with the freshman, whose middle name was Marie. way, the roommate said. He couldn believe it, because he had heard Marie was a virgin. Stevens story made the rounds. A friend of Marie heard one football player

and clothing. The production goal was 255 jerseys per hour, which meant that each of the 28 workers in effect had to sew nine jerseys per hour, or one jersey every 6.6 minutes. The workers were paid just 10 cents for each $80 NFL jersey they sewed. This means that their wages amounted to just a little more than one tenth of one percent of the jersey’s retail price. "It does not have to be this way," said National Labor Committee director Charles Kernaghan. "If the NFL and Reebok doubled the wages, so the workers and their families could climb out of misery and at least into poverty, the direct labor cost to sew the Peyton Manning jersey would still be just 20 and a half cents, or less than three tenths of one percent of the shirt’s retail price." "The $250 million NFL Reebok licensing mega agreement has done nothing to lift workers across the developing world who sew NFL garments out of abject poverty," said Kernaghan. Any of
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